Zita Christian

Romance Writer & Wedding Officiant ~ Bringing Happily Ever After to Life

Novelist ~ Playwright ~ Producer ~ Teacher

Historical Romance Novels
Historical and contemporary women's fiction
TV Host and Producer
"One of the best ways to stimulate your minds on a regular basis is to watch this program - another example of the interesting programs available to viewers on public access." -- Matt Buckler, television and radio editor, Journal Inquirer, Manchester CT
One-woman play based on the memoir by Dr. Melba Pattillo Beals, one of the Little Rock Nine who integrated Central High School in 1957-58. Warriors Don't Cry completed its second national tour in 2014. For more info and a video clip, visit the website of the producer: The Bushnell Center for the Performing Arts in Hartford, CT < http://www.Bushnell.org >
Foreword and misc content in book on grieving, magazine articles
Writing Workshops
Six classes, 90 minutes each, use images and group brainstorming to develop the basic tools for creating story.

Writing Workshops

Tools for Building Story

This six-part course is packed with brainstorming exercises. As they unleash your imagination, you gain the practical tools and the confidence to write your novel. Rather than writing alone, you’ll work in small groups with selections from a huge portfolio of pictures that reveal character through body language, clothing, and facial gestures. With more images, you’ll build the character’s family and unearth the makings of a dynamic backstory. Identify your characters’ hot buttons. Polish them. Press them! Add more characters and watch a plot develop. Make the setting energize the plot. Discover what really matters in a sex scene. You'll walk out of class with a valuable collection of handouts you can refer to again and again, and a notebook brimming with ideas for your story.

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