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Fiction, Nonfiction, Teaching

Women's Fiction
Band of Gold, 1993, HarperPaperbacks / Monogram Imprint
First and Forever, 1994, HarperPaperbacks / Monogram Imprint
Just a Miracle, 1996, HarperPaperbacks /Monogram Imprint
"Tambourine Moon," 2002, Berkley, Words of the Witches anthology

Foreword and several chapters in "101 Ways You Can Help: How to Offer Comfort and Support to Those Who Are Grieving" by the late Liz Aleshire (1949-2008) / Sourcebooks, 2009

Magazine articles:
Hooked on the Outdoors: "One Step At A Time"
-- At 60 years old, Dick Christian "thru-hiked" the 2,600-mile Appalachian Trail.


Romance Writers Report
-- Handwriting analysis of bestselling author Nora Roberts

“Tools for Building Story,” a week-long program taught at the annual summer conference of the International Women’s Writing Guild

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