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ZC Writer

PAGE 1 Interview with Matthew Dicks, author of Storyworthy

Connecticut author Matt Dicks was my guest on Page 1, the show for writers with the reader in mind. We talked about his nonfiction book, Storyworthy, published by New World Library.

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Tools for Building Your Story - IWWG 2015 Summer Conference

"Writer" stones used in IWWG closing ceremony
The International Women's Writing Guild will hold their 2015 summer conference at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT, from July 24 to 31 (Friday to Friday). This will be my 18th year teaching at the conference. It always offers a variety of classes. I plan to take as many as I can. Being both teacher and student fills  Read More 
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Blog Hop with Erotica Writer Sandrine O'Shea

Sandrine O'Shea's erotica is sophisticated sizzle!
My friend Sandrine has written an erotic historical novel for readers who appreciate the research and the romp. If you like well written stories about strong, intelligent women, visit Sandrine's website http://www.sandrineoshea.com.
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Writing Process Blog Hop

Writing Process Blog Hop
By Zita

Before I tell you about my own process, I want to give a big thank-you to Paula Chaffee Scardamalia for inviting me on this Writing Process Blog Hop. Paula is the dream consultant for PEOPLE Country Magazine. She’s also a book and creativity coach, and dream and tarot intuitive. Since 1999, Paula has taught writers how to use intuitive tools like dreams and the tarot to tap into their creative flow. She has taught at small private workshops on the East Coast, and at both national and regional Romance Writers of America conferences and meetings, and at the 2014 San Diego University Writers Conference. She leads intimate writing and creativity retreats both in the US and abroad. Paula publishes a weekly e-newsletter on creativity, dreams, tarot and the inspired life, and is the award-winning author of Weaving a Woman’s Life: Spiritual Lessons from the Loom.
You can read about Paula’s writing process here.

Each writer who participates in the blog hop answers four specific questions, then invites two or three other writers to do the same. As I’ve discovered from reading other posts in this project, even a seemingly simple Q&A can reveal a lot about a writer and her process, especially for writer who is answering the questions.

What am I working on right now? Read More 
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Because I Can't Interview Myself

My friend and fellow writer Ron Winter offered to interview me on my own show to make it easier for me to talk about my new book First and Forever. We had a great time and I got to feel what it's like to be the guest. Here's a link to the interview.
http:// Read More 
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Pay Attention to Your Fairy Godmother -- a workshop with Jerrie Hurd

Whether you're working on a novel, a memoir, a family history project, or "just" an honest exploration of your life, Jerrie Hurd's thoughts on why, not how, to collect family stories are pure gold.

The family stories Jerrie asks us to identify are those that told and retold at family gatherings, the kind of stories that are passed down through generations. Some of those stories might fall into the "shut the door" category. Once you've identified your story, Jerrie's deceptively simple questions about the point of view of the storyteller can crack the secret code. Using examples from her own family, Jerrie showed how the power of a story can shift. As Jerrie says, "Every story is somebody's version of what happened." And, "There's an element of truth that goes deeper than the facts." I could see healing potential when she said, "There is value in being able to see that there is another version."

Though I had signed up to participate in the workshop, computer problems made that impossible. Fortunately, I could listen to a recording. The online workshop was made possible via The Avocado Sisterhood created by Marj Hahne. You can find her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TheAvocadoSisterhood

See www.jerriehurd.com for more info about the "why to" not "how to" book she just finished on this important subject. I can't wait for it to find a publisher!

You're welcome to stop by my Facebook page, too: http://www.facebook.com/ZitaChristian
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