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ZC Writer

Tools for Building Your Story - IWWG 2015 Summer Conference

"Writer" stones used in IWWG closing ceremony
The International Women's Writing Guild will hold their 2015 summer conference at Wisdom House in Litchfield, CT, from July 24 to 31 (Friday to Friday). This will be my 18th year teaching at the conference. It always offers a variety of classes. I plan to take as many as I can. Being both teacher and student fills my creative well.

To see all the courses being offered, please visit the IWWG website: http://www.iwwg.org Come for a day and experience the magic. Prepare to stay for the week!

Over the course of six days, my course, "Tools for Building Your Story," covers the following:

Day 1: The Value of Story: Nothing Less than Survival
Before you write that first paragraph, know what will influence your reader to turn the page or to put the book down.

Day 2: Creating Characters: Look to the Past
How does reader expectation influence the decisions a writer makes regarding character development? Who was the character as a child? How is a character influenced by family relationships?

Day 3: Creating Characters: Look to the Present
When a writer is “people watching,” what should she look for? What does your character see when she looks in the mirror? How might self-concept strengthen or threaten a character?

Day 4: Characters and plot
What forms the link between character and plot? How can that link form a strong character arc? A reader may admire one character but relate to another. Why is it critical for the writer to know the difference?

Day 5: Characters and sexual tension
Whether sweet or graphic, sex is an important part of any relationship story. What is the relationship between sexual tension and character development? How does the writer create effective sexual tension?

Day 6: Characters, Conflict, Sex, and Story
How does it all come together? What do you hear at the end of your story? The Rolling Stones belting “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”? Or Bruno Mars crooning “I Think I Want to Marry You”? Depending on your story, either might work.

I hope to see you in July.

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