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Page 1 TV and Full Bloom TV

Zita hosts and produces two weekly television shows that air on various public access channels in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Full Bloom launched in 2001. It is the winner of twelve national Pegasus Awards for amateur video, covers subjects of general interest. Guests have included internationally known forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee, Bill Berloni who trains animals for live theater, award-winning comedian Nancy Tucker, psychic detective Nancy Weber, holistic esthetician Laurie Neronha, Guatemalan artist Balam Soto, Karen Goodrow of the Connecticut Innocence Project with James Calvin Tillman, the man imprisoned for 18 years until exonerated by DNA evidence.


In 2004, Zita launched Page 1, a show featuring interviews with writers, editors, booksellers, and others connected with the craft of writing, the business of publishing, and the joy of reading. It is the winner of eight Pegasus Awards. Among her guests have been actor-writer-producer Chris Lemon, New York Times, bestselling romance author Carla Neggers, fantasy author Diana L. Paxson, Random House Director of Acquisitions Dorothy Harris, suspense authors Michele Martinez and Pam Lewis, YA authors Paul Cantonese, Laura Williams, and Peggy Dietz Shea, award-winning lesbian author Carren Strock, and actor Lou Campbell Harmon as Edgar Allan Poe.


"One of the best ways to stimulate your minds on a regular basis is to watch this program - another example of the interesting programs available to viewers on public access." -- Matt Buckler, television and radio editor, Journal Inquirer, Manchester CT


To see selected interviews from both Page 1 and Full Bloom, please see www.youtube.com/zita3x3.